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High-Level Guide - HLG

First and more important information

The sandbox environment is an entire ecosystem of Upland where developers can test their applications with NFTs and assets.

To use it is necessary to have a Sandbox Developer account and a Sandbox Upland account.

You can not use your Production Upland or Developers accounts in Sandbox and vice-versa.

What is provided for you

We provide a Sandbox Environment and a set of developer APIs for you to develop your application.

The Sandbox provides a safe environment for you to act as an end-user - after you create your account there, you can explore, buy/sell/trade assets. This not only provides an opportunity for you to get familiar with the Upland application, but you can also create the users and their assets needed for your application. A user guide is provided in the next section.

Developer API provides the following -

  • Developer's Sign Up - Allow you to register as a third-party developer to the env you can test your applications.

  • User mapping - maps IDs of users of your application to Upland user IDs

  • Escrow Service - provides the ability to create the escrow container for your application and the ability to place user assets into the escrow container, query the transaction finality and resolve the escrow container (for example, transfer assets from losers to winners, take a cut for the developer, etc.) per your instruction.

  • Read-only APIs - for you to run various queries.

The API specs, and a sample scenario, are provided later in this document.

Sandbox Environment

We created a sandbox environment for you to experiment in. The sandbox environment has precisely the same user interface as the production environment. You can explore, buy/sell/trade assets like in the production environment, except that the assets you acquire/use will not persist beyond the hackathon.


  1. Credentials

    1. You can check the credentials on the Developer Portal:

  1. Please do NOT use your actual credit card. Here’s a test credit card for you to use with the sandbox environment -

  2. Credit Card Number: 4111 1111 1111 1111

  3. Expiration Date: 07/27

  4. CVV: 960

All transactions in the Sandbox environment will be taken down after the hackathon is complete.

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