Third-Party Applications

Now that you are an Upland Developer, you can create your applications using our tools.

Access your Upland developer account and click on: "Create New Application"

You fill up the following information:

  1. Application Name

  2. Logo

  3. Description

  4. Expiration Time in Hours

    1. This parameter will be used to create the container for your application.

  5. Webhook URL*

  6. Webhook Access Token*

  7. Scope

    1. Currently, the options are fixed to "Read" & "Assets Transfer."

Your webhook URL will be used for every communication between the Upland Developers API and your application. So make sure it is correct and functional.

When requested, the app credentials will be the developer's app id + the app access token.

Remember to store your Application Access Token in a secure place. This token can not be easily retrieved.

If you lose your access token, you will have to inactivate and activate your application to receive a new one which has impacts

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