1. Developer's Sign Up

This section will answer all questions regarding how to become a third-party developer on Upland.

Sign Up

All developers must be registered in both environments: Sandbox & Production.

It is a matter of security.

Your Sandbox/Playground Upland account can only be connected with your Sandbox/Playground Developer account.

Your Production Upland account can only be connected with your Production Developer account.

Click on: "Create an account"

Provide the list below in order to confirm your registration:

  1. Name*

  2. Phone Number*

  3. Upland Username

  4. Profile Picture*

  5. Professional Experiences

  6. E-mail*

  7. Password*

  8. Password Confirmation*

Confirm your registration

At this moment, you must check your e-mail and verify your developer account.

Click on: "Verify Account"


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