Permission Delegation

Why Enable It?

By delegating permissions, Upland can sign transactions on behalf of third-party developers, eliminating the need to sign each transaction to an escrow container manually.

Available Transactions

  • Transferring UPX to an escrow container

  • Transferring NFTs to an escrow container

  • The transactions above must be initiated from the third-party developer's account to a container created by one of their applications.

Activation/Deactivation Process

To activate or deactivate the delegation feature, contact Upland and request to become an alpha tester. Upon approval, you will receive a message in your Upland account through the Message Center, where you can authorize the delegation.

Utilizing the New API Structure After Activation

When delegation is enabled, the following endpoint will be enabled for your account. This new endpoint has a different structure than the existing /join.

Parameters: Container ID
Authorization: App ID, Secret Key
    "containerId": 1,
    "upxAmount": 10000,
    "sparkAmount": 0,
    "assets": []

The third-party developer does not need to provide the EOSid, as this endpoint only transfers assets from the developer's account to their containers.

Use Cases

  • An app that maintains a balance on its account for later distribution to other players.

  • An app that acquires NFTs to award as prizes to Upland players.

  • An app that aims to sell Upland NFTs to Upland players.

  • Other unmentioned possibilities.

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