Dev Shops

Dev Shops are a store for third-party applications to be located inside Upland.

Rules to get your Dev Shop Approval:

  1. Your application is ready to be used.

  2. Your application uses the Developers' APIs.

  3. Your application brings value for both sides: You as a developer and for the Upland community.

To allow players and developers to use third-party tools, Upland is creating a new system of stores specifically for third-party developers, the Dev Shops.

So every new third-party application must have a physical presence inside Upland that we call: Dev Shops.

Which are, in simplistic terms, Upland properties.

Your dev shop will be able to have multiple addresses, so players do not need to take a flight or travel to your location.

Every time a player needs to put anything inside the escrow, they must be at the dev shop—one of the addresses.

In this first version, the system will have a simple and objective verification:

Is the player near one of the related addresses to this Dev Shop?

If not, the Developer API will notify the application so they can let the player know one of the available addresses to participate in that third-party application.

Your application registration as a Dev Shop will only be requested in Production.

How to open your Dev Shop

First of all, you must submit the information to your Dev Shop here:

The rules to use a property as a Dev Shop are as follows:

  1. The upland account connected to the developer account must own the property.

  2. The property can not be listed for sale.

  3. The property can not be a metaventure.

  4. The property can not be a Dev Shop to another application.

  5. The property can not be in an offer for a swap.

  6. The property must have a construction.

    1. The construction cannot be:

      1. A Showroom

      2. A Factory

      3. A micro house

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