2. Connecting Upland Account

At this moment you must connect an Upland Account to your developer account.

Why is that?

The applications that have transactions involved may earn assets. Eg.:

  1. Games that charge players to play.

  2. Trade's fee.

  3. External market purchased in UPX.

Those assets will be owned by this Upland account connected with the developer account.

Your Sandbox/Playground Upland account can only be connected with your Sandbox/Playground Developer account.

Your Production Upland account can only be connected with your Production Developer account.


First of all, you must log in to the Developers Portal

The two-factor authentication will be automatically activated for every developer. It is mandatory and will be performed using the e-mail registered to the developer.

Connecting Upland Account

Click on "Validate Your Account"

Type your Upland username

You will see the screen below and receive a code in your email. The email is registered in your Upland account, not your developer account.

That is it! Your accounts are connected now!

Now, Upland will analyze your submission and check if everything is fine.

Upland will approve a few submissions per day. So you do not have to worry if it takes some time. Until then, you can start to build your third-party application.

It would be best to guarantee that every provided information is corrected because Upland can reach you.

The Upland account must have passed the identity verification process in the production environment.

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